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The competitive side of Oban Otters takes competant swimmers from the swim school who show interest and dedication and wish to take their swimming further. They are given a more intense training programme to improve their technique and stamina so that they can compete at the different events throughout Scotland.

These can be local school competitions throughout Argyll, the club gala or the various graded and open meets throughout Scotland (and beyond). Graded meets allow the aspiring swimmer to start competing among children of similar ability as there are time limits on the races governing the fastest time it can be done in. For more info on how these meets work feel free to ask a commitee member.

Many long standing Club records have been beaten recently by Oban Otters swimmers  at various meets around Scotland and the club championships – visit the Records section of the website to see the champion swimmers!

Swim Meet Results:  Get all the latest results from the swim meets that Oban Otters have attended at  http://www.swimscotland.co.uk/


All club sessions are held at Atlantis Leisure Centre in Oban.

WEDNESDAY      07:00-08:00AM


Club Championships Sunday 29th May 2016

Meets -

See http://www.swimscotland.co.uk/ for info on meets


Club Championships were held on Sunday 29th May.  Lots of amazing swimming and four club records were smashed by Ella MacKechnie.  Well done Ella!!

E-mail addresses: We are trying to improve the communications within the club by sending out news and information by e-mail rather than paper handouts.  It would be useful if parents of all children sent their e-mail address to obanotters@gmail.com


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